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Letters From Listeners

Not Caught Up in Sibling Rivalry


I had a very wise mother in that she did not make sure that when one person got something all of us also got something of similar value. We were taught to wait for our turn. Her advice, if we complained of a sibling getting something was: "Your turn is coming." She explained how life is and we all can't have everything alike, but life has a way of bringing us things when we wait our turn. It is a very valuable lesson.

The things she taught us worked pretty well because all of us 10 children have not been caught up in sibling rivalry. Any feelings of inequity have been very mild and soon forgotten. We have been amazed at all the hurt feelings in siblings of other families and the resulting drama (and alienation) over things like this and other things as well such as "Mama loved you more than me" type garbage.

We have had very few hurt feelings and problems which seems to surprise many people but we, in turn, are shocked at how siblings treat each other in many families. After all, if we do not have each other then we would be missing one of the most wonderful and satisfying things in life--and that is to know we have each other there when we so need support and love. Our parents are long gone, but we have each other. When one is successful, it is a cause for celebration--not jealousy!!

I am so grateful for my family!!!!


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