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Email of the Day

Not Everything Can Be Fixed

Dr. Laura:

I recently heard you with a caller whose sister was suffering from many mental issues and became homeless.  Your caller gave her $2,000.  What struck me about the call is that I had been like the helping sister until I finally came to my senses.

I am 40 years old.  My father died twelve years ago, my mother died in 2012, and my brother was a drug addict.  I tried very hard to help my brother after our mother died, but I had to give up after a year because he wouldn't accept any help.  Four years later, I received a call that he had died of a drug overdose.  Since then, I went through feelings of loss, guilt, sadness and denial, but ultimately the biggest realization I came to is that there was literally nothing I could have done to save him.  That call was going to come not matter what I did or did not do.  

With the support of my loving husband and many friends and family, I was able to build a happy life for myself in spite of so much loss that I have endured.  My hope in sharing this small part of my story with you from the other side of what people may be in the middle of right now, is that you are correct - not everything can be fixed.  

Thank you for all you do.






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