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Letters From Listeners

Nude Photos of Spouse

The other day you had a caller who was disturbed her husband had nude photos of her.

After you verified there was no risk the husband was sharing images with others, which would be horrifying, you went deeper.

The caller seemed clueless to the fact this was a compliment to her -- that her husband was "hot" for her. That her husband was looking at images of her and not images of other women.

You tried to point this out to her.

However I feel you did not go far enough when you called her a prude about it. If my wife gave me a hard time about this, like the caller was about to do to her husband, I would conclude not only that (a) she is uncomfortable with her body; I would also conclude (b) she does not love me. Not deeply. And she doesn't have the hots for me.

I was relieved to hear from this call you don't think husbands like this are weird. If only wives understood how visual husbands are, that visual isn't wrong (far from it), and how important having the hots for each other is to the bond of marriage. My wife doesn't need to look like Halle Berry. I love my 50-year-old wife's real body. She takes good care of it, and it's all mine!

And yes I have pictures that I treasure. Just for me.


Tags: Behavior, Compliment, Man's point of view, Men's Point of View, Spouse, Values
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