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Letters From Listeners

Offensive 'Boyfriend Trainer' App
I enjoy your show immensely and value your advice on marriage and relationships. I am especially appreciative of the many topics for thought you bring up in your dialogues.

Thank you so much for discussing the offensive iPhone app "Boyfriend Trainer" on your radio program. As a loving wife and devoted mother of two young school aged boys, I found even the mere idea of this app revolting.

I went to the App Store and read the description and several of the reviews. Most of the reviews were from people who also found this app to be offensive. To post a review, however you have to purchase the app, which I, of course, refuse to do.
Alternatively, I went to Apple's website (the "Contact Us" section) and sent an email to request this offensive app to be removed. I encourage other people to do so as well. If this app were portraying the same types of sadistic torture being applied to ANY other demographic of people, it would have never made it to the App Store. The fact that the idea of applying various forms of torture to train men, is deemed appropriate quite frankly sickens me.

This app is horrendous just on principle alone, however to rate this appropriate for kids ages 4+ defies any logic whatsoever. Just what we need is another generation of girls being raised to belittle and devalue men in our society.

Again, thank you for mentioning this and I hope more people write to Apple via email in support of having this removed.

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