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Email of the Day

On The Path To An Empty Nest

Dr. Laura:

In a few days, my third son will be leaving for college.  As I was taking a walk today, I started to get sentimental as I think about him leaving.  I've very happy for him on his next adventure in life, but I will miss him terribly.  

What's getting me through this is knowing that I was with him his entire life growing up.  When our kids were little, I thought about working, but thinking is as far as it got.  I could never stomach the thought of someone being there when my kids got home from school and needed me (among many other times).

As our kids have gotten older and more independent, I've been able to help out my husband with our business, which has been wonderful.  I'll now have more free time to continue doing that.  The sacrifices we made for me to be at home with our boys was invaluable,  I can send this son off to college feeling good because I have absolutely no regrets.  I've truly loved every ride I ever gave him and every meal I ever cooked because I knew it would all come to a screeching halt soon enough.

Please keep pushing the "one parent at home" talks on the air.  I will keep listening for further inspiration, which I'm going to need because I'm on the path to the next phase of my life!


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