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Letters From Listeners

One Way to Avoid Procrastinating

My mother-in-law was disciplined and had the best way to avoid procrastination! She had a to-do list. Each day she would choose to FIRST do the task on the list she LEAST wanted to do. Then she got to cross it off and feel the weight of the world lift from her shoulders. Otherwise, that task would still be there the next day and every day following while weighing heavier and heavier each day. The rest of the tasks looked easier and she was able to tackle the rest of her to-do list still doing her least favorite first of the tasks remaining. 

Of course, sometimes you get one task done and then have to add two more to your list. 

I'm a bit of a procrastinator, but I think of her and try to follow her great example, mostly. 


Tags: In-Laws, Personal Responsibility, Relatives, Stress, Values
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