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Email of the Day

Our Differences Make Us Strong



Dear Dr Laura,

The difference between men and women I think can be illustrated best by how my soon-to-be wife and I bought our house. You see for her it is a home.  As we looked at the house, she was thinking of this color for the furniture that would match the color of the walls and something else that would accent the back splash of the kitchen. She sees a home while I'm thinking, "Man, this wall will be great for the big screen TV.  And, wow, what a nice size garage - my tools will fit nicely along this wall."  You see, Dr Laura, for me, women are more relational than men.  They like the touching, hugging, and flowers; while, as men, we can forgo those things as long as there is food and a roof we are good.  We just need to remember we are wired different and that it is a union of these differences that makes for a strong relationship, not the, "I need him to be more like this" or "I need her to be more like that." Rather it should be we are different and in this difference we will be strong individually and even stronger together.

And no, Dr Laura, we will not be living together until our marriage in August.  My soon-to-be wife will move in first, prepare the house for our family attending our wedding, while I will be staying at a friend's until that day we take our vows.

Thank you for all you do!

Doing it right because I am a gentleman first,



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