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Email of the Day

Owning Up

It took me awhile to own up to the fact I was a less than great mother to my children.

When I finally did, I sat them down individually and asked each to tell me what were the worst things they felt I did. It was varied yet the most consistent thing was the yelling and emotional abuse. There were some things I didn't remember and some I did. Even when I did not agree, I listened and validated their feelings and memories. It was hard. Very hard. However I apologized sincerely and all of them forgave me. This opened doors for new and healthier relationships with them.

Interestingly enough they were more forgiving than I ever dreamed. Since that time a few years ago, my behaviors have continued to change and improve. I hope this helps them in their lives to learn that owning something is the only way to change it. I am so proud of them all.


Tags: Character, Courage, Conscience, Character-Courage-Conscience, Response to a Comment, Values
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