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Letters From Listeners

Paid with Love and Support

Dear Dr. Laura,

As I sit quietly today feeling unvalued by the boss I have just given my notice to after 4 years of dedicated hard work - not nearly worth the paycheck, lost time with my children or the stresses brought on by my position - I choose to reflect on the future instead and the words my husband continues to issue to me: "Please stay at home and raise our family.  We value you and we will pay you with love and support."

After listening to you instill wisdom into the souls of deserving moms for many years, I finally had enough courage to follow your advice and my dreams. I wait in anticipation for the transition that soon will take place: the struggle of paying bills, fighting children, mountains of laundry and of course being able to be my husband's girlfriend at any point of the day... No tired wife here! My courage will now allow my children to benefit from my nurturing and teachings and my husband will now be able to focus on providing for our family with his career and dreams.
So my gratitude goes out to you and my husband today and I will continue to count my blessings every second of each day that is given to me and my beautiful family.

All the best,

A proud mom & wife

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