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Letters From Listeners

Passion in Life

Dear Dr. Laura,

I'm especially passionate about your latest blog post: Finding Your Passion in Life.  I, too, notice the amount of young people who seem so aimless, so UNimpassioned about life and am so sad for them. I've pondered a lot about this phenomena of "living weekend to weekend" group and am so grateful for your insight and input on this issue.

Personally, I strongly believe question 15 is the most important question of the "how to find your passion" list on the blog -- that we human beings, made as we are, only truly come alive (with passion) when we ask ourselves how we can contribute to others, make other lives better, improve the world somehow and DO IT, even if we doubt we have all that it takes.
I think young people are misguided (I've watched many of my peers in this group flounder) when they think of their life only in terms of what makes them tick or what feels good. This might get them started, but unless they next connect their interests and talents with the reality that the world NEEDS them in someway, that people will be BETTERED by how they particularly serve with their talents, they will only wallow in aimless, drifting, BORING narcissism.

Thank you for your own example of what it means to "find your passion." I know there are countless people who are better because of it.



Tags: Attitude, Health, Mental Health, Narcissism, Purpose
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