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Email of the Day

Poem: Choosing My Daughter

My child has a mom
Because I decided long ago
That I'd be there to raise her
I'd be there to watch her grow

She would learn there's nothing better
Than to have her by my side
No job could be more important
Than to have her as my pride

No paycheck could take her place
No person could convince me so
That someone else should do the job
Of being the mom she would come to know

My child has a dad
Because I decided long ago
That I would choose a man
Who would be proud to watch her grow

A real man that knew the importance
Of working hard so his kids would see
That they could trust in his presence
Because of him I could be me

My child has a real home
Never a day care will she come to know
Because I made the choices for her
So I could be there to watch her grow

[© Tova Hack]

Tags: Marriage, Parenting, Read On-Air, SAHM stay-at-home mom, Values
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