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Letters From Listeners

Poem: The Right to Life

I share your views on protecting children and know you will be moved by reading this. My 17-year-old niece, Angela, had an extra credit assignment for her history class regarding the Constitution. Writing comes so naturally and easy to Angela; she went up to her room and within a 1/2 hour wrote this. With her permission, Angela let me email you what she wrote. - Jo Ann

The Right to Life

I am smaller than your fingernail
But I'm filling your mind
You're not ready to leave your past behind

You're nervous, I can tell
Because your heart races above me
And now your mind begins to yell

How could this happen?
You punish yourself
"God must no longer want me, he'll send me to hell"

I wish I could scream out
And just make you hear
That God has a reason for putting me here

If you'll give me a chance
I'll make you proud, I swear
In another few weeks I'll begin to grow hair

What about other babies that you never knew?
Maybe you'd be amazed
By what they could do

They could've cured cancer
Or been your best friend
Why did you get to choose when their life was to end?

They could've been president
Or perhaps, just maybe
They would've made a law to save babies just like me

"Don't worry honey" says an unfamiliar lady
"No reason to stress,
It's barely a baby"

But I have a life, and it's mine
Since when is a life
So determined by time?

I developed a heartbeat
I'm considered alive
Are you still willing to take away this life of mine?

You're fighting for the right to privacy
But, see, you have a voice
So who's speaking for me?

You're a woman with rights
No one can take that away
But yet I'm so small, why don't I get a say?

Everyone has equal rights
So what I don't understand
Why is my right to life in another man's hands?

The weeks drag on, and I continually fear
That you'll no longer want me
And I'll be taken out of here

Now something feels strange
Like I'm being grabbed out
I'm positive this is it, absolutely no doubt

A light appears, and I'm full of fright
But "Congratulations!" they scream
As I breathe my first breath of life

So yes, I am tiny
And yet I have been saved
Because somebody loved me

Tags: Abortion, Character-Courage-Conscience, Social Issues, Values
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