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Letters From Listeners

Preparing To Be A Wife And Mother

Dr. Laura,

I read the email from the single mom who learned it was okay to be a wife and mother. It brought back some memories of when I was dating.

When I was 32 I had a blind date with a young lady of 20. That is all she wanted out of life, to be a wife and mother. I asked her where she was going to college. She wasn't. Further conversation revealed she had no use for higher education. She was working at a local thrift store, biding her time, waiting to meet the father of her children. That was when I set aside any interest I might have had in that young lady.

I've never had any problem with a woman wanting nothing but to be a wife and mother. But I always expected that whatever a person wants to become, and do, they should prepare themselves to be the best that they can be. Young women need to understand their choice of becoming a wife and mother doesn't relieve them of the responsibility to grow and mature as a person, and to prepare themselves to be a great wife and a wonderful loving mom. I believe a college education is a great way to grow up as a person and, depending on one's choice of school and major, it can be a great way to prepare one for being a mom.

I am not sure where or how one learns to be a great wife, other than listening to you.


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