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Email of the Day

Putting The Needs Of My Children First

Dr. Laura:

I'm a return listener to your program after going through my second divorce.  I learned that this time, I would remain without a companion as I raised my children as a single father.  There's no drama except for the usual "kid-i-tude," since they think they know everything!  Remaining alone has allowed me to totally focus on nurturing and guiding my children.  

I have two children attending college and one daughter who has two more years of high school left.  I plan to remain without a partner until my last one is up and out, so that daughter can learn and understand that there is no need for drama while focusing on a goal.    I'm really proud of my family, but I have to thank YOU, Dr. Laura, for what I've learned from your on-air wisdom of putting the needs of your children first.







Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Dating, Divorce, Parenting, Values
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