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Email of the Day

Putting Your Words Into Action

I made the best choice in a husband over 19 years ago and have never stopped treating him like my boyfriend.  I just turned 40, and that day, I woke up to the following love letter:
It seems like a very long time ago when we first met, but throughout the years, you have become more my friend and the person who I love with all my heart that much more.  I wouldn't trade a second we have had together.  You might think you are getting older, but really you are getting better as time goes by.  I love everything about you.  Every day that passes is a new adventure, and I have had the best days of my life living them with you.  Without you, I couldn't be me.  Happy birthday.  I love you with everything I am.
This is the level of happiness a couple can achieve if they listen to your advice and put it into action.  Your wisdom has led me to have a very happy marriage and two happy boys.  I attribute our "Beaver Cleaver" type of family to listening to the wise words you've been saying for so many years.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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