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Email of the Day

Raising A Man
IconI pod cast your program so I'm usually a little bit behind. I wanted to respond to a few of your calls where you lament over the loss of real fathers. I certainly recognize the importance of a man in raising a man. However, as you so often mention: a woman can make a big difference in helping to raise a man and not a boy. I have 1 boy and 4 girls and I wanted to tell you about our family's experience when my daughters started dating. Now, I am a Vietnam era warrior and still play a role in law enforcement. However, I often feel I'm part of the lost generation when it comes to some of the basic values in life. My children have grown up listening to you on the radio and I'm happy to say we haven't ever had the need to call you for advice. This is a story of when my middle daughter was starting to date in high school. She is currently getting ready to graduate from college this year and still listens to your program on her ipod. When she was in high school and brought her first boy friend home in order to ask for permission to go to the movies, I had an interesting conversation with him. I looked him in the eye and stated. "Now, David, I don't want you doing anything to her that you don't want me doing to you." My daughter was obviously embarrassed and immediately yelled "Oh Dad that's gross! Mom did you hear what Daddy said?" My wife without skipping a beat looked at my daughter and said, "Now dear, you know your father, he might just do it. Now go have a nice time and be home by 10" This became a ritual with anyone who came to the door to take my daughters out so they often warned the boys in advance. When Eric showed up to take my daughter to the movies he got the same routine. When he walked her to the door after returning from the movies I said, "Now, Eric I don't have to kiss you, do I?" Eric looked me in the eye and said, "Only if you want to Mr. G." We all broke up laughing and to this day I have a soft spot for Eric. It takes a man to raise a man and some of the old rituals are effective and needed for a reason. It also takes a woman who has high expectations to help the boy grow into a man. If you want a man who will walk across broken glass for you, then you better expect honorable behavior from him. My daughters grew up knowing what was expected of them and knowing it was their responsibility to have high expectations of those they called friends. There are so many life lessons we have learned from listening to your program that I couldn't begin to list them. We appreciate your humor and your common sense. Thank you, Mr G.
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