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Letters From Listeners

Raising Our Boy into a Man

Just a quick note. Our wonderful, Christian son went to college and graduated. When he finished and got a job we told him to live at home and save his money for a house. We live in CA where it is pricey. We loved having him home and he was always a joy!

Fast forward to this past year. He is now married to a beautiful hard working Christian girl (and no they never shacked-up or had sex before marriage) and owns his own home. He was able to put a large down payment on that house, which is good because he doesn't make huge bucks with what is going on. But they are thrilled and so are we.

I do think it is the responsibility of the parents to tell the kids how it is. It was always: after high school (and we homeschooled the kids) you either get a job or go to school. We would never let them lie around and do nothing like some parents do. They saw us work hard and it was what they knew to do.

Our kids turned out to be hard working wonderful adults who we are very proud of.
Parents should not ruin the kids' lives by not expecting them to work hard. We wanted the best for ours and taught them that.


Tags: Personal Responsibility, Raising Boys to Men, Real men, Values
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