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Email of the Day

Recipe for a Military Wife

Dear Dr. Laura,

I have been a listener for quite some time and always enjoy your show. I actually called in about 10 years ago while you were at Travis Air Force Base. I was the Army Recruiting Station Commander who spoke to you about "Talking to Moms".

Anyway, I am an old paratrooper myself; I was with the 82nd Airborne and later the Recruiting Command. I have been with my wonderful wife for 15 years now and she has stood by me during part of my army career and later through my retirement. I am currently a professional farrier (horseshoer) and she still worries about me.

I found this "recipe" and thought you might want to share it. It fits my wife as well as any wife who has a real man in her life. Thank you for all you do.

Recipe for a Military Wife (author unknown)

1 1/2 Cups Patience
2 Tablespoons elbow grease
1 Pound courage
1 Cup tolerance
and a Dash of adventure

Marinate frequently with salty tears, and pour off excess fat.
Sprinkle ever so lightly with money, kneading dough well until payday.
Season with international spices.
Bake for twenty years or until done.
Serve with pride!

Here's to all military wives, past, present, and future.


First Sergeant
U.S. Army (ret.)

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