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Letters From Listeners

Remember Parents, You're In Charge

Hi Dr. Laura, 

I listen to your show on my way home (on XM radio).  I wanted to send you a big thank you for your response to a recent call.  It reminded me that as parents are in charge.  In the daily hubbub of maintaining the home, sports, laundry, pets, cooking, working, etc. it's easy to forget that we parents have the power that rules the home.  I used your response to solve a problem, albeit a minor one, in my home. 

I have a daughter home from college for the summer. In the 8 weeks she's been home, her room has been clean about 5 days.  For the past 3 days, I have told her to clean it up.  Well, it wasn't happening to my satisfaction, so this morning, I took her computer 'hostage'!  I texted her and told her that if she did not clean her room, to my satisfaction, 'her' phone and car keys were next. (I took great pleasure in doing this!)  She was mad, sure, but she handled it in a mature manner, and took care of business, and it only took her 3 hours (!).  I am proud of her for her response and understanding that cleaning the room wasn't about cleanliness, but about respect, duty, and responsibility.

So thank you, Dr. Laura, for reminding me that I'm in charge.  I look forward to future situations when I can utilize my unique methods of 'torture' on my teens!



Tags: Behavior, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Respect, Response to a Call, Responsibility, Values
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