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Letters From Listeners

Remembering Old Flames

A recent caller was having trouble with constant dreams of an old boyfriend from 15 years ago. This brought to mind my 'problem' remembering a couple of old girlfriends.

I spend an hour a day on an exercycle listening to the best music ever made: 1964 - 1972 Rock / Pop music.

There are some songs which make me remember two girls, and make me feel sad. I really liked both of them, but I was a bit naive and extremely shy. And so, although I can't remember the details, I'm pretty sure I inadvertently hurt the feelings of one of them badly, and completely missed the signals the other was sending. I do remember deciding to break all contact with the first girl, although I can't remember why. I know I never told either of them 'Goodbye', I just went away. (In my shyness/insecurity/ignorance I didn't think they'd mind.)

From what I now understand about myself and about them, I'm pretty sure things wouldn't have worked out well with either girl. So I don't feel bad about 'losing' them, just about the probability I hurt their feelings.

I went many years without thinking of these girls, but a medicine I was put on a couple of years ago seems to have triggered 'flashbacks' to the early 1970s for me. I can't quit the medicine and enjoy most of the '70s memories.

Eventually, I'm sure I'll accept I can't do anything about any feelings I may have hurt 40 years ago. Until then, I'll just skip past those songs when the MP3 randomizer selects them.

Life has been good and I won't let random memories mess it up.


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