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Email of the Day

Respect From Children

I used to think my husband was a little too harsh on our 4 children, as he would correct them on little things that I normally would have let slide.

One time I yelled for one of our teenage boys and he yelled back, "Yeah?".... My husband jumped up from his recliner and got an inch from our teenage son's face and said in a low deep commanding voice, "Did I just hear you talking disrespectfully to MY WIFE?" Not, "your mother"..., but.., "my wife!" Yes, all 4 of our children were from our marriage to each other, and he was the father and I was the mother.

After 23 years of marriage, my husband passed away from esophageal cancer. 

Six months after his death and coming to terms with being a single parent, I told our youngest son (the only one still living at home) to give me his car keys because he was grounded from driving for a week.  My son dropped the keys in my hand and never backtalked or showed any disrespect. I recalled in my mind how my husband had confronted our other son's disrespect. I learned that respect is taught, and found my new-found role a tad bit easier due to my husband's diligence in being so "harsh" in raising them.

Even today, my husband is still alive in my children who are following the rules he taught them.

Thanks for listening!


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