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Email of the Day

Saving My Daughter's Life
IconDear Dr Laura! I love you, appreciate all you do and want to say. "Thank You from the bottom of my heart". I'm a single mom, and my one and only has always come first. However, I called you back in June 2010, upset that my 20 year old daughter had fallen into prescription drugs and I was scared as hell. Your advice, "throw her out and give her no money." When I spoke to her dad, he said, "Fly her here I'll put her through Daddy Bootcamp." Mind you he's a USAF Colonel. Uncertain and fed up I flew her 2 states away. It's been 7 months and I have to report to you because of your excellent advice. My daughter is sober, just completed one semester at a local community college and has begun her second semester fulltime, working part time, and talking to me everyday!!! Her dad returned from his third tour in Iraq last week, and we are both proud of her accomplishments! As of current, she is applying for her dream college FIDM, fashion institute design merchandising, in her favorite city, San Francisco. I'm so proud of her I could cry with joy! And to think two parents who couldn't speak a pleasant word between us have now united over making the best situation possible for our daughter. And our girl is proud of her mum and dad for speaking kind words and sincerely caring about each other. Don't you just love how God used the bad to make good? Thank you so much! The results wouldn't have been the same w/o your expertise and wisdom. With much fondness and appreciation, A.
Tags: Parenting, Read On-Air, Response To A Call
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