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Email of the Day

Searching for a New Perfume

I have been wearing the same perfume now for many years, and although I still like it, I don't love it anymore. I’ve been searching for a replacement scent but haven’t found one yet. I’ve been to department stores, beauty stores, bath & body stores and have even succumbed to "sniffing" my girlfriends, but I've yet to find the perfect perfume.  Not because I don't like the selections, but because my husband hasn't liked any of the perfumes I have tried. Some I like - but he doesn't. Some he likes - and I don't.

Why do I write this email? To tell you the almost identical responses I have gotten at all these stores and sadly, from some of my girlfriends. When I tell a salesperson or girlfriend that I don't want to purchase any perfume yet because I want my husband's approval, I am met with silence or a hesitantly and drawn out "okay".

I always feel compelled to justify my comment with, "Well, if my husband was wearing cologne I didn't like, I'd ask him to stop wearing it." THAT the women understand. If it is about them and what they like or dislike then that is ok. But to take into consideration the fact their husbands might not like something they like never occurred to them or worse, they just don't care.

Truth be told, although I want my husband to like whatever perfume I wear - it is also a bit self-serving. I like it when he can't stay away from me (even when I playfully have to keep slapping his hands away).

Women need to wise up. I'd rather have my husband sniffing me up than sniffing up some other woman.


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