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Letters From Listeners

Second Marriages and Babies

I just heard the call from the "50" year old newlywed whose "40" year old wife desperately wanted children. I was in a similar predicament 10 years ago, when at 35 I married my husband, 11 years my senior. His girls were then 18 and 22. I had always wanted children but came to the difficult conclusion and agreement before we married we would not have our own children. Sure the biological clock piped up a couple times over the years, but patience paid off. On our eighth wedding anniversary, my older stepdaughter gave birth to our grandson. It was among the happiest days of my life, personally and as a couple, too.

Today I am a 46-year-old grandmother of the most precious 28-month old and three-month old. My husband and I both are smitten. We babysit whenever possible and are usually exhausted afterwards, despite being "young and in shape." (If you think you are in good shape, spend the day with a two-year-old boy.) Today I don't even think about not having given birth, because I am so grateful for the children God did provide my husband and me (this includes my stepdaughters and their husbands). As well, my husband and I have the freedom to travel and take on other projects that child-rearing would curtail, while we are still young enough to enjoy those opportunities. It has all worked out. There are many ways to have children.


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