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Email of the Day

Seeing Through Infatuation

At 18, I was infatuated with a young man who was 24.  He was all I thought about and I constantly tried to impress him.  I probably would have followed him anywhere and done anything to get his approval and affection. However, he was not interested in me.  At the same time, I was dating another young man who later became my husband.

Eventually, I learned the difference between infatuation and love, and I'm grateful my "crush" didn't want me.  If you follow the path of infatuation, you will end up feeling used, abused and empty.  Love leaves you feeling happy, cherished, and a better person because of it.  I'm extraordinarily lucky that my boyfriend continued to date me while knowing full well of my infatuation with someone else.  I even had the nerve to tell him that I would dump him if the other guy ever wanted me!  That was the foolish 18-year-old me.   I am forever grateful that I woke up and married the man who stuck with me through all my nonsense.  I'm am thrilled to be his wife and best friend.  We make each other better every day.


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Tags: Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Dating, Marriage, Personal Responsibility, Values
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