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Letters From Listeners

Setting A Bad Example

I'm a proud mom and wife of a stay-at-home dad. However, I work part-time to allow myself more time with my kids.

My son goes to a special needs school. I've driven to pick up my son several times only to see a woman parking in the handicapped spot time and time again. Finally, when I was certain there was no need for HER to be parking there, I walked over and explained to her that since this was a special needs school with handicapped children her parking there was rude, inconsiderate and a very bad example for her son. She mumbled back something to me that I couldn't hear, but I calmly stepped back and told her "I'm not certain what you said, but there's no excuse for sheer laziness. Do the right thing."

I found it funny that the look of shock on her face didn't show embarrassment, but a look that she was a victim of me putting her in her place! I just couldn't stand there and watch her be selfish and inconsiderate any longer.

Thank you for all that you do and reminding us to do the right thing no matter what!


Tags: Behavior, Doing the Right Thing, Parenting, Values
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