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Letters From Listeners

Setting And Reaching Your Goals

Hi Dr. Laura,

Not too long ago, I signed myself up for a kitchen challenge. Every day for 20 days, I would receive an email with a certain task to complete for my kitchen. The end result is to have a tidy, organized and stocked kitchen ready for anything! I am a pretty tidy woman, as cleaning can relieve stress for me. When I read some of the days challenges I found myself saying, I've done that! I do that! That's clean! Then I would I would skip to the next day, without fully completing the previous task.    

I heard you in the back of my mind saying, "You might have done it your way, but not the way I'm telling you to do it!" With this resonating in my mind, I said to myself, the point Dr. Lara is making is right. I may already have a tidy & organized kitchen, but I haven't fully completed the tasks in the challenge. I am pleased to inform you that I decided to get down to business and completed the challenge wholeheartedly! Listening to this piece of advice from you has led me to accomplish a seemingly small challenge. More importantly, I am proud of my self for setting & reaching this goal.

Thanks for all you do!

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Character-Courage-Conscience, Personal Responsibility, Relatives, Values
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