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Letters From Listeners

Sewing with My Mom

Dr. Laura, 

It's so hard to choose just one favorite memory of my mother. I am the youngest of four girls and my mother was a stay-at-home mom and made all our meals from scratch and sewed most of my clothes on her little Singer sewing machine. 

My favorite memories are when we would go to Cloth World and she would let me look through the Butterick and McCall's pattern books and choose whichever pattern I wanted her to make. Then, on to the fabric, buttons, trim, zipper and thread. We did it all together. If I wanted purple rick-rack on hot pink cotton with an orange zipper running down the back... it was my design. (This was the 70's baby!) We'd go home, lay out the fabric on the dining room table and place the pattern pieces in place and pin them down. I'd cut the pieces out and remove the pins and hand them to her as she worked over her little Singer sewing machine creating my garment. I had couture clothing at ten years old! Custom tailored, one-of-a-kind designs. LOL! Just me and my mom on a summer's day in Phoenix! 

I love my Mom!

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