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Letters From Listeners

Sex in Marriage


Recently I have read three emails regarding marital sex, and I'm disgusted with the selfishness of the women. I see it all around me, too. Men and women are different. To demand that sex is all one-sided is SELFISH. Men, I think, show their LOVE through sex. Women want romance, or gifts. Men and women are VERY different. 

If you are married, you work it out! These women are keepers of the gate and have padlocked their husbands out. If your husband WANTS to sexually please you, and nothing does, that's YOUR problem. And if you are unwilling to remember how to find what pleases you, SHAME ON YOU! Denying him because YOU don't want it is SELFISH.

I have been married over 40 years. We've had sex many times more than I thought I wanted it. But I love HIM. I have had many, many orgasms, but honestly, they don't drive me. When I'm in a blah mood sexually which is really self-centeredness. I think of my life in total. Am I going to risk my marriage, my home, my kids, my lifestyle, my WORLD just because I'm 'not in the mood'?! Much of this is because people let the little issues smolder and before you know it you've got a fire. A fire can become a conflagration and destroy everything. Twenty years ago life was difficult. I never wanted sex. We had it every night. I knew that at the time it was the only glue holding us together. We have survived, and grown. I love him more now than then. As I said in the beginning, I'm disgusted with the behavior of selfish women.



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