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Letters From Listeners

Share the Memories

Would I want to know if I were dying?  This question took a lot of thought and while I wavered back and forth, I decided I would like to know when the end is coming. It would wake me up and get me out of my everyday RUT. It would make me be more appreciative of everything around me and how lucky I have been. It would push me to be more open in showing my love. It would allow me to leave this life by emptying my heart of the thoughts that would express just how much each of the special people in my life have meant to me and leave them words of encouragement to make the most of their life. I would write letters, make videos, and record my thoughts. I know that the most common first thought is to travel and see the world, and yes I to would like to do that, but if traveling meant not being there to share just one more day, one more hug goodnight, from my sons then I would forgo the travel. In the end the memories I have will die with me, but the ones I share are the ones that will live on, so I would choose to know.



Tags: Appreciation, Attitude, Expression, Memories, Values
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