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Email of the Day

Sharksided by Little Sharkettes Too!
IconHi Doc. FINALLY!!! omg FINALLY!! Someone understands how truly devastating and deeply hurtful and harmful it can be to be snubbed and betrayed. In my case, it was not only by the big shark but by his little sharkette followers who did their part to tear me down to maintain their sense of power and status. It caught me so off guard. I felt like they were dogs marking territory and I was the one being peed on...and I did not know I was standing in the wrong place! *jokes Your words speak to me and I look forward to you helping me find more answers as I read on. Luckily I have not sought revenge because I did not understand the whys and motivations for what happened. I did not want to take any action that would make me look bitter and weak. "Get over yourself" has been the attitude of the shark pool. What hurt most is it was so unexpected that my confidence was seriously shaken. Just reading the first chapter of your book is like a warm stream of sunlight. I am understanding they were intimidated by my talents and abilities. They did not hurt me because I was weak, but because I was strong. They hurt me because I had things to offer, not because I had no value. The betrayal made me feel worthless. For the first time in a long while, you are helping me believe in myself again... (tearing up a bit here...sheesh) I do have things to offer....I do have worth! OK!! Off I go to read onward. I will let you know how it all works out. With Heartfelt Thanks, P., podcast listener
Tags: dating, Relationships
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