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Email of the Day

She's Finally Using Her Brain

About a year ago, my wife and I were at a loss as to what to do with our 16-year-old daughter.  We have younger children but this one has been a challenge.  She had a boyfriend on the third day of school, was using her cell phone inappropriately, and eventually made it clear that she no longer wanted to hear anything from us.  We weren't sure what to do.

To provide some guidance, I played your podcast for her one evening for the first time.  I simply asked her to listen, and I would come back later.  At that time, she said she wanted to keep listening.  Then she started listening in the morning too.  In ensuing months, her boyfriend broke up with her (lucky for us), she continued to mismanage her cell phone and was still confusing us with her teenage emotions.  We finally took her phone away for the rest of the year, and that helped a lot.  

This semester is different.  She is saying and doing things that have brought us less anxiety and more relief, and these are things she has heard from you.  She comments on the silly boy choices her friends make and now says cell phone use and social media are mostly a waste of time.  She's using her brain to make choices and not just her emotions.  Your message has become a key component of the fabric of the young woman she is becoming, and we are grateful.  Thank you!


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Tags: Parenting, Teens, Values
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