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Email of the Day

Sneaking a Peek

I'm writing regarding the topic on chivalry. Perhaps it is because I live in Houston/Pasadena, Texas, but chivalry is STILL the norm rather than the exception, although I will say it's fading.

Something happened last week to renew my faith in today's young men. I workout at a popular gym chain, and the way this gym is set up, a glass wall separates the weight machines/barbell areas on one side from the basketball court on the other. It's nice that you can see the basketball scrimmages, but it does have its pitfalls, as I found out.

I was by the weight benches, working out with some small barbells. I was bent over, doing curls, and I noticed the high school boys rushing over to the wall, bending over a gym bag, rummaging through it, then glancing at me before rushing back to the court. I also noticed they did not put anything IN the bag, or take anything out of it. I thought it was peculiar, but blew it off...until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

One of the weightlifters, about mid-to-late 20s, informed me as politely as he could... "Ma'am, I don't want to embarrass you or offend you, but those boys are sneaking a peek." Me, clueless, said, "At what?" He looked very sheepish and blushed as he said, "Um..." and nodded at my chest. Huh? "When you bend over..." Oh. I bent over and looked down... OOOOh! I get it now. I looked at the very embarrassed young man in front of me and replied, "Thank you for letting me know. Wow. Who knew 48 year old boobies were that fascinating?" He laughed and said, "If you like I can stand between you and the wall...with my back to you of course, while you finish your workout."

I will never forget the looks on those boys' faces when they dashed over to 'get something out of their bag' and were met with a glowering behemoth of a protective young man.


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