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Email of the Day

So Proud Of My Non-working Ovaries!
IconI'm doing some housework while listening to some older broadcasts of your show on my spiffy little IPOD shuffle...I just heard a woman call in who was 39 and desperate to have a baby and although years of fertility were obviously not working she just couldn't bring herself to look into adoption because it wouldn't be HER baby!! Wow! I was such a woman myself a few years ago... I just HAD to have my own DNA and after 12 years of infertility just stubbornly refused to look at any other options! WELL thank God for a very loving and patient husband who didn't push me into anything but gently led the way to us "lookin" into an adoption option...long story short just FOUR shorts month of signing up with an agency we got the call, with no notice ,that our beautiful, healthy, simply adorable baby boy was born ! The drive to the hospital was overwhelming...I think we must have stopped a dozen times to use the restroom because I was so nervous! The moment I saw my tiny newborn son I was INSTANTLY in love! DNA..WHO CARES. The moment I held him in my arms all the years of turmoil and struggle were GONE!! A few weeks later our closed adoption was final (thanks to an amazing birthmother who wanted the best for her child!) and ten months later I am the proud mommy of this amazing blond haired blue eyed gift from GOD! This once stubborn "I-need-my-own-baby" now knows I DO have my own baby and I would walk across broken glass a hundred times a day just to kiss his sweet chubby little cheeks! So to all the women out there with fertility SUCKS, I know, I was there...but don't wallow in your misery and refuse to look at other paths that God may have for you! I did and My life will NEVER be the same!! I shutter to think what I could have missed out on! Funny enough I am now kinda proud of my non working ovaries, they brought me the greatest blessing that my wonderful husband (aka-the world's best daddy!) and I could ever dream of! K.
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