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Letters From Listeners

Social Media Indiscretions

When I first got onto Facebook, it was a thrill to connect with old classmates, family and friends. After 6 months, I found this was an easy way to make terrible decisions. 

I connected with many old friends - male and female alike: One of whom was a male friend from ELEMENTARY school.  He was not a boyfriend - never dated - never even held hands. Within 2 months, we found ourselves being accused of starting an affair both in person and over Facebook by his wife. Both my friend and I were appalled by this accusation. There was nothing ever written between the two of us that could not be shared with his entire family. I thought it was my non-married status that prompted her distrust or perhaps something in their past which colored our innocent communications.  So, I simply closed my account.  I also emailed both the male friend and his wife and succinctly told them I was not interested in any type of extra-marital affair with her husband or any other married man. 

After being off of Facebook for 6 months, I received a telephone call to my published home phone#. My elementary classmate was calling to apologize and let me know that it was his wife who was in the wrong - SHE had been communicating with an old boyfriend. They have since gone into counseling. I have not spoken with either since that telephone call to apologize. I am not on Facebook and have zero plans to EVER have anything to do with social media. Even in innocence, things go wrong. I cannot imagine the temptations others' face and succumb to most readily. Today's social media networks give ease to cheating, fooling around, you name it - it is available. 

Thank you for your time. 

Sincere regards, 

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