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Letters From Listeners

Society's Perspective on Day Care
I just read the email from the young mother who was asked if her 7-month-old child was in day care. I have two beautiful daughters in their 20's and was blessed to have a surprise bonus daughter who is now 4. I can't believe the change in the issue of day care in just 20 years. 

With my first two, other mothers were envious that I was home with my girls and it seemed understood that me being home was best for them. With this younger daughter, women constantly suggest to me that she needs to be in daycare to cure whatever NORMAL stage she's in - from colic to learning to share as a 2 year old.  I keep hearing, "It would help if she were in daycare!" My husband has gone back to school so I am working full-time, but I work nights to have every precious minute I can with my daughter. She even naps with me as I sleep my precious few winks so she can snuggle with Mommy for a couple more hours each day. 

I join that other mother in thanking you for being such a strong supporter of at home Mommies and Daddies and children being raised by their own loving parents. Who can know how many thousands of children's lives have been enhanced because their parents have listened to you. Thanks again. And again. A thousand times.

Loretta - my kids' very blessed mom
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