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Letters From Listeners

Soft Is Good....For Toilet Paper And Pillows

We were equally "hard" on all of our kids. They worked for their vehicles, paid their car insurance, cell phone bill, if they had any money leftover they spent a little and saved a lot.

Over the last 10 years of raising these now "grown" kids, 24 to 19, we heard from them how all their friends didn't have to do what they did and abide by the same rules. It happened with each and every one. They all did this at the age of 17. They felt they should be released from the rules. We told them if they could pay their part of the mortgage, utilities, groceries, and other parental responsibilities that they could be free from our reign. They all declined!

When it came to schools and teachers we constantly had problems with them not wanting to hold the kids accountable for missed assignments and failed grades. We had to hold them accountable at home. My husband and I have tried to figure out where it all changed from when we were in school 25 years ago. Our society is general is too soft on our kids and I see it every day in the workplace; with adults as well. Pretty soon, our society will be filled with people with mushy backbones. There will be a few of us dinosaurs left but at the rate it's going it won't be long until we are extinct.

There is a time for plenty of softness with the kids but we shouldn't be soft in the areas where it will cause damage. 

That's all for now from my soapbox!


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Tags: Adult Child-Parent, Attitude, Education, Parenting, Personal Responsibility, Values
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