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Spaghetti and Meatballs Gives Me a Title for my Everyday Chores
IconI had the whole kitchen clean by 5pm knowing that late night dinners and snacks would load the sink yet again (It was a serve yourself night). I knew no one would clean up after themselves although the rule is if you eat something, you wash your plate and cups - don't leave dishes in the sink... Ha, so you would think hubby who usually follows the rule could have a night off, and the 16 yr old son who dirtied 2 plates and a cup... and the 20 yr old daughter....hmmm so as I wake to a sink-table-counter full of dishes, I tell myself I could leave it there for them... Or I could know they are off to school and work and I am home loving them... I can be thankful I have a beautiful home with dishes to wash... What families are in shelters or homeless with no dishes to wash? And also I can not complain... my new years resolution is to not point out my 20 yr old daughter's messes... and to not complain or give orders more than once a month. I already mentioned that I would like my daughter to clean my bathroom because she refuses to clean her bathroom and she uses mine because it is already clean...not because hair does not fall or condensation and dust does not cling to the seat... but because I clean it often... She thinks her bathroom is dirty because other people use it being the main bathroom... So I am lucky I have two bathrooms... But I refuse to clean more than one... having a 16 yr old son a 20 yr old daughter and the 8 yr old does more cleaning than either of them.. (5 of our children are grown and out)...I should be happy that 3 still remain...I will enjoy my spaghetti (and salad and garlic toast and sweet tea) and stop focusing on the missing meatballs. It is helping me to keep my new years resolution of not complaining or pointing out other peoples messes ... I have a choice to leave it there until they notice it... and clean it up themselves or their dad notices and tells them. Or I can clean it myself and if no one notices I clean up after them... when they are grown and move out... they may notice it when the dish fairy and mess fairy doesn't visit their house... Silently enjoying my spaghetti... as I do the household chores that working mom's are too tired to do, and homeless mom's don't have the privilege of doing. C.
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