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Letters From Listeners

Standing Up For Mom

I've been meaning to write this email since 2008. I know the year because 2008 is when the Clint Eastwood's movie Gran Torino was released. It was one of those movies that really got me pumped up. Afterwards, my husband and I went to one of our favorite pizza restaurants in the area.

The tables are very close together so it is difficult not to be distracted by conversation at the next table. A teenage boy, speaking to his mother in such a rotten way that it had my hair standing straight up. My husband knows I am an avid Dr. Laura listener. The first thing out of my husband's voice with a grin was, "Don't do it." I didn't even have to speak a word to him; he knew exactly what I was talking about. Seated at the next table was a snotty teenager, his mother, and father.

I was catching bits and pieces but the conversation. I overheard the Mother say to son, "Why don't you apply or work?" The son immediately replied in the most disrespectful, snotty tone, "Why don't you just shut the F up". The mother, being sweet and trying to gain the approval of her son, just kept walking in to the mud deeper and deeper with the responses from the son just getting more cruel and evil. I'm silent, listening while trying to enjoy my dinner. My husband responds again, "don't get involved." If I hadn't just seen the movie Gran Torino, maybe that would have happened. I was so pumped up, that I had to say something.

The family was ready to leave and I was ready to make my move. The husband and son were a few steps ahead of the mom. While mom was gathering her things, still at the table, I leaned over to her and asked why she would allow her son to treat her like garbage? I also said that she obviously did not marry a "real" man; with my voice emphasizing REAL. If she had, a real man would never allow a snot of a son to ever speak to his woman that way. She just stared down in silence, gave me a grin and walked away.

I will never know if that short moment ever made an impact on her. I will always wonder what sort of conversation took place in the car on the way home or if she continued to be a door mat for her son. That was 8 years ago and I always think of that evening whenever we eat at that restaurant. Sorry for the 8 year delay Dr. Laura!

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