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Staying in a Relationship When it's NOT "Fun"
IconDr. Laura, I was watching/listening to a popular program on t.v. yesterday while cooking dinner for my family. A famous actress was on the program promoting her new book about women and relationships. I have admired this person in the past for advocating for children with special needs. Today, however, she was asked, "When did you know it was time to end the relationship?" Get this....Her response was "When it wasn't FUN anymore." REALLY????? I am about to celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary this weekend and I am so proud to be my husband's wife and my children's mother. Is it always fun? No way! It is darn hard work! Every once in a while it is FUN, when your hard work pays off and you get a moment of great satisfaction. Is it rewarding? YES! Is it worthwhile? YES! Would I change one moment of the blood sweat and tears for more fun? NO WAY! My life is so much better now than it ever was at the beginning of my marriage, before children, when I was in the dark about what I was missing out on. I choose to make my life as joyful as possible and bring joy to those around me. Sometimes that's work and not always FUN, but those are the things are bind us together and make us human beings capable of making a difference in this world. It is a great disservice to both men and women to tell them that if they are not having "FUN" anymore then that is the sign that the relationship is over. It's down right disheartening that many people will listen to this advice. It is definitely not true! I would rather have joy, fulfillment, and purpose in my life than FUN any day of the week. Thank you for uplifting our thoughts each day from selfishness and inspiring us to direct our thoughts to happily serving our spouses and children. J.
Tags: Attitude, Behavior, joy, Marriage, Parenting, purpose, selfishness, Values, Women's Point of View
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