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Letters From Listeners

Stopping Stupid Parents

I just listened to your call of the day from Abigail, regarding her encounter with a "stupid parent" who was allowing her child to ride dangerously on a shopping cart.

I had my own encounter with a "stupid parent" a few weeks ago in a restaurant my family frequents. I am my 4 kids' mom, and I pride myself in the fact my children are polite and angelic in public, as it was always expected by my own parents.

When we came into the restaurant to eat, there was a little boy, no more than 2 years old, who was wandering around the restaurant. Occasionally, an older boy (probably 10 yrs old) would come and retrieve him, taking him back to the back area of the restaurant where his family was sitting, only to have him return AGAIN a few moments later. In between the older sibling retrieving the toddler, the mother would come get him, and then loudly chastise the 10 year old for "not watching his little brother better."

The last straw for me was when I overheard a woman asking the hostess if she knew who the small boy belonged to as he was trying to get out the front door. I immediately jumped up from my own family's meal, walked to the back area of the restaurant, and cupped my hands to my mouth and said, "Is someone missing a toddler? You might want to come get him before he heads to the parking lot!"

The stupid mom jumped up out of her seat, berated her husband about having to go get their child, and headed to the front. On my way back to my table, she had the nerve to ask ME what kind of a mother I was to allow HER toddler to almost wander out into a parking lot! I was speechless.

I was so happy to hear you tell Abigail she did the right thing by speaking up and trying to protect that child. I knew I was doing the right thing by speaking up, but was really sickened that she tried to blame her own failure to mother and protect that little boy on ME.

Thank you for always encouraging and demanding that people do the right thing!



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