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Email of the Day

Surrounded By Love

Dear Dr. Laura:

I recently heard a woman call in about putting her children in daycare so she could go back to work because there was no other way to go about it in her eyes.  The call was frustrating because I am also a working mother, but I work six 12-hour night shifts in a row.  I do this so I'm only working twelve nights out of the month.  I sleep during the day when my two-year-old son takes his nap.  During the six nights I work, my son is home with my sweet, handsome hard-working father.  

My son only knows that he is surrounded by love.  My son is either with me, my husband or both of us, and he is thriving.  I am the product of teenage parents who didn't make it work.  My mother was a self-proclaimed feminist who stayed with my stepfather even though he was a severe alcoholic and treated her, me and my siblings terrible.  My bio dad had a number of severe medical issues that prevented him from being a parent.  I grew up being bounced around from family member to family member, and from daycare to daycare because she could not handle my temperament.  I was a "bad" kid according to her with an attitude problem.  I wonder why!

Two years ago, my husband introduced me to your show.  So many lightbulbs went off for me that I was instantly hooked.  I listen now every day and thank you for leading me to be a real mother to my son, a girlfriend to my husband, and a woman whose past will not destroy her future.


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