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Letters From Listeners

Taking Control of Her Life

Dr. Laura,

I have listened to you for many years and wanted to tell you that I thought the call you took from the woman who hit her grandfather over the head with the blow-dryer to stop him from molesting her was the best call I have ever heard you take. (Listen here.) 

That woman was amazing. She was strong, confident, witty, and powerful. The call was captivating from beginning to end and listening to the drama unfold was riveting. She was logical in her story and each second she gained more and more power until she finally boiled over and took complete control of her life. She kept adding information that wasn't "oh by the way" but a vital part of her process to overcome the horrible things that happened to her. The way you handled her was masterful of course - it was allowing her to reach the logical conclusions in her life and rage against the demons who had conspired against her. I want this woman for my friend. By the end of the call, I was crying for this woman's victory.

I have never experienced the horror of being molested, but this caller portrayed the effects of abuse in a way that was incredible. I am convinced that when she hit the grandfather with the blow-dryer, she saved her life. She took back the power and has continued to take it back until this very day. The next time some weak woman calls who is allowing some scumbag to abuse her child you should send her a copy of this call. That way, she can see the future of her relationship with her daughter.

Incidentally, it was an interesting contrast to the woman who broke her wrist and was having a hard time overcoming the fact that her two friends didn't call her. She needed a little piece of the other lady's pie...

Thanks for making my afternoons go by so quickly.

Jenny Schmitz
Tags: Response To A Call, Uplift
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