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Email of the Day

Taking The Emotion Out Of Decision Making

I am 40 years old, married nine years to the love of my life, and we have an 8-year-old.  Your radio program makes me feel normal when I hear your common-sense approach to things.  I am a strong, independent, conservative woman who has decided to stay home and take care of my family.

Living in southern California, there are many times I get questioned about my life choices - having only one child, marrying a man who travels for work, not working myself, having no debt and other things the moms I know talk about.  I've defended myself and made excuses, but after listening to you for the last year, I've come to some realizations.  Namely:

  1. It's no one else's business the choices my family makes.

  2. I am not sorry that I am a kind, reasonable and generous person, who can also say "no."

I am finally okay with who I am as a woman, wife, and mother, and listening to you has helped me achieve that.  Your advice to others to take the emotion out of decision-making always leads me back to the fact that I am happy and grateful to be right here where I am.  Thank you.


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