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Email of the Day

Teaching Kids To Be Kind

I've listened to you for around 30 years, and I'm a good wife to a very happy husband.  I'm also a good mom to a well-adjusted 22-year old.  

Our son's teen years were rough, but he paid for his poor choices every step of the way.  At one point, I even kicked him out as he felt the rules in our house didn't apply to him.  He grew up fast, and after a semester of living on his own and paying his bills, he decided our rules weren't so bad after all, and came home.  It was a tough time, but he needed a PARENT, not a friend.

After he graduated from school, we gave him one year to get his act together.  After that time, he would either move out or pay us rent.  He moved out before the year was up.  He now works on the road but calls me often.  Just before he left for his last trip, he told me that I had taught him to be kind.  There could be no better compliment from a child than that. In fact, it might be my next tattoo!

His words touched me deeply, but then again, I learned from the best!  Thank you!



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