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Email of the Day

Test Drive Mentality

Dear Dr. Laura:

I am a radiologist, originally from Colombia.  I've been practicing in this country for 15 years and am proud of having embraced the American culture.  One of my major accomplishments, however, has been made thanks to you.  I have a 19-year-old niece who lives in Colombia.  She's basically a good kid, but she has started leaning toward the terrible feminist mentality.  During one of my visits there, she mentioned she would definitely "shack up" with a guy "to see if it worked," because once married, she would feel like a prisoner.

I started introducing her to your concepts, and how feeling like a prisoner could easily be avoided by "choosing wisely and treating kindly," which would also preserve a woman's dignity and self-value.  She still found reasons to disagree.  Then one day, while I was there, she heard me listening to you on my phone.  She got curious and listening to you eventually became one of our favorite activities together, slowly opening her eyes to the multiple issues with which you help callers.  

I bought her "10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives," and she texted me when she finished it saying she loved it, and how could she keep listening to you?
I'm happy to know that when the time comes and she's ready for a serious relationship, she will no longer have that "test drive before buying" mentality.  She also understands the difference it made in her life to have not spent one day in daycare, so someday she'll be a proud full-time mom.  Thanks for your great teachings and reflections which have transcended continents and spread across generations.  You're really building a little fan club in South America, too!


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