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Email of the Day

Thank You, Dear Sweet Husband...

Yesterday, I went to my husband's company picnic. I want to mention it was at least 95 degrees and I'm twenty weeks’  pregnant. Don't worry, we didn't forget the sunblock!

Afterward, I sent this email to my husband and wanted to share it with you…

"Here is a list of the things you did yesterday:

- You invited me to your company picnic and even offered that I stay home because it was hot outside.

- When I got there, you immediately took our son and played with him while giving me an opportunity to get to know some of your co-workers.

- You made a plate of food for me and our son.

- When I was thirsty and there wasn't any water, you immediately decided to go and get some, which I offered to do myself so you wouldn't have to leave the picnic and then you took over watching our son while I was gone.

- You came and got the water because it was too heavy for me to carry.

- You were openly proud of and bragged about me and our son to anyone who would listen.

....I'm sure there were other things, but my whole point is that you're an awesome husband and father and I love you very much. I just didn't want yesterday to go unrecorded or unrecognized because you were awesome (did I say that already?)"

He hasn't emailed back yet but something tells me he won't be disappointed after reading that.

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