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Email of the Day

Thank You Working Moms

Life as a Stay at Home Mom isn't easy, but there's some unsung heroes who make it easier. That's right! Working moms! So, I want to take a moment to say a few words to them.

Thank you, working moms, for paying $25 for baby shoes, and then, because you have so much stuff, selling them to me for 25¢ at a garage sale three months later. They are REALLY cute!

Thank you working moms, for having your kid's birthday party catered. Those "gourmet" cookies and colored popcorn balls went over just as well at my house. Yum!

Thank you, working moms for buying Lunchables and fruit roll ups. Your purchases enable grocery stores to keep selling staples like milk and flour really cheap. I appreciate it.

Thank you, working moms, for leaving me the playground, pool, library and stores all to myself in the afternoon. My kids love the slides.

And thank you, working moms, for lowering the bar. Sometimes, when I'm exhausted and just need a break, I know I can just pop in a video and give my kids at least as good of an upbringing as I got in the day home I was raised in. I turned out okay (kinda snarky, but I hear too much t.v. will create snarky people)

So keep it up. And don't let anyone tell you your job doesn't mean anything. It means it's that much easier for me to stay home for mine.


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