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Letters From Listeners

The 'Book Grandma'

Hi Dr. Laura, 

You're so right! Friday's call from the grandma who's been asked to downscale her gift giving had me nodding in agreement. I agree with your suggestion, that she should check out gift ideas with mom and dad or ask for suggestions. 

We are a 2nd marriage, with 17 grandchildren. Yikes! It didn't start out that way! Immediately upon becoming a new grandma, I established myself as "the book Grandma." It's become a beloved tradition. It allows me to share my own love of reading. Believe me, as the family has grown it has also allowed us to keep the gift budget in check. 

More than that, my husband and I agree that we've had our "turn" to be Santa and to give the biggest gifts...with our own kids. Now it's THEIR TURN to choose that great item and build their own set of memories surrounding gift traditions. 

Love you and all the work you do! 



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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, In-Laws, Parenting, Values
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