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Email of the Day

The Bright Side of Quarantine

This has certainly been an anxious time.  We're hunkered down at home here in Connecticut - my husband and I and our 16 year old daughter.  I decided to look on the bright side and think of the positives, so here goes:

1.  My house has never been cleaner.  Not only it is organized, but it has a comforting antiseptic odor!

2.  I have never had such a well-stocked fridge.  Instead of eating out, we are learning to make do with what we have and use up all our ingredients.

3.  I'm using this time to teach my daughter the finer points of keeping a home.  She is usually busy with school and activities, so I had foolishly excused her from doing many household chores.  Yesterday, I found out that she didn't know how to sweep properly with a broom.  Today's lesson was on how to use the coffee maker.

4.  I ordered an adult coloring book and some new markers today at my daughter's request.  I look forward to some relaxing time with her.

5.  I downloaded an album by Queen and have been listening to that instead of constantly watching the news.

6.  I called my best girlfriends this morning just to check in.  We didn't have to wait until evening when we were tired and ready for bed.

7.  All my laundry is already done.

8.  And last but not least, I think many times throughout the day how grateful I am that my family and friends are safe and healthy.  I pray it will stay that way.

Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Stress, Values
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